Loyalty to Our Associations

In her Message to The Mother Church for 1900 our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, writes (p. 8), "Learn to obey; but learn first what obedience is." Likewise, to be loyal we must learn what loyalty is. This invaluable quality of thought is defined by her on page 50 of "Retrospection and Introspection": "By loyalty in students I mean this,—allegiance to God, subordination of the human to the divine, steadfast justice, and strict adherence to divine Truth and Love."

Since these attributes of God are qualities of thought, they must be found actively expressing themselves in our individual thinking. Our spiritual likeness to God consists in letting our thinking and knowing reflect Him as divine Mind. This coincidence already is, always has been, and ever will be, for man is the image and likeness of God, Mind. The spiritual fact, then, is. that our real selves were from the beginning the image and likeness of God. This spiritual fact primarily bases our Christian Science Associations.

God's Word Available
April 27, 1935

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