Urim and Thummim

For Aaron holy garments did they make,For glory and for beauty, long agoThat, thus enrobed, in deep humilityHe might approach the inmost sanctuary,The secret place beyond the wreathed veil,Within the temple's close-encircling courts—High priest before the altar of the Lord.He on his heart a wondrous breastplate boreIn all the glory of its jeweled sheen,The sacred symbol of an inward grace,Urim and Thummim, blazen with holy light;Perfection's gems all set in true accord,Their colors blending in sweet harmony;And on each stone engraved a trait of Love;As brethren they forever joined in one.

Oh, holy symbol of the inner grace,Which all must gain, if they would walk with God,I too would worship at the sacred shrineOf heavenly Love, like Aaron long ago,In shining robes of righteousness and truthFor beauty and for glory of my Lord.I only may approach God's sanctuary,The secret place where harmony abides,Clad in pure thoughts, my garments all washed cleanFrom stains of sin and earthly pomp and pride,In priesthood of a spiritual sovereignty:And only then may place upon my heartThe breastplate of perfection's changeless light,Each stone of which, made white in furnace fires,Purged from the dross of earth's mortality,Is yet conjoined to each, a perfect wholeIn peace of purity's unending glow.Thus shall I ever consecrated beUnto a life of love for God and man,And ever bear upon my inmost heartUrim and Thummim graven eternally.

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