According to the teaching of Christian Science, all real activity is the manifestation of divine Mind. Man, the idea of Mind, is unceasingly employed in reflecting God. Christian Science gives the right understanding of God and man, and also of employment, which must be understood spiritually. All the difficulties pertaining to this subject of employment arise from the fact that mortals have not the true spiritual understanding of God. Jesus, who understood and practiced spirituality in human experience, had the true concept of business. At the age of twelve he said, "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?"

Ignorant of the truth taught in the Scriptures, mortals are at mercy of errors which, although they have never been real, result in much unhappiness. Among the most common of these mistaken beliefs are the question of age and the fear that there is not enough work for all, that one is not qualified, that it is necessary to go to another town, and that if one has employment he may lose it.

April 6, 1935

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