Nearly everyone enjoys among his acquaintances a reputation. It may be for punctuality, for frankness in expressing an opinion, for great physical endurance, for brilliance as a conversationalist, for constancy in friendship. Of the many qualities which inspire admiration perhaps constancy is one of the most highly valued the world over.

Constancy is indispensable to friendship, but how often is it subjected to improper and unprofitable interpretation! In the experience of every human being there comes a time when his thought of constancy must undergo the searching scrutiny of an enlightened vision, and must be either abandoned for a new and higher sense or revised to conform to his advanced thinking. There comes a time when the Christian Scientist is forced to choose between obedience to divine Principle and subservience to the claims of a false sense of friendship. Sometimes the right choice means separation from companionship long enjoyed; sometimes it rouses misunderstanding of one's highest aspirations, but no true sense of good need ever be sacrificed.

March 2, 1935

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