Full Redemption

Humanity's suffering is in every case due to its insufficient understanding of God and of Spirit's harmonious manifestation. Human systems of succor, however well-intentioned, are at best only palliative or punitive. Why? Because they give credence to the apparent obduracy of the sin and sickness and other evils which they attempt to combat by man-made means. Unlike these systems, and unlike vague religious theories, Christian Science is the revelation of the infinite perfection of God and the consequent infinite perfection of man's spiritual individuality. And this revelation lights the way, through spiritual awakening, to complete redemption for the human race.

Christian Science rebukes error, but does not condemn the individual, victimized as he already is by sin, disease, death—the phenomena of mortal thought—for mere condemnation without enlightenment is never liberating. The Science of God, infinite good, is liberating because it emphatically condemns as unreal the entire superstition of evil, the deceiving myth of materialism. In her Message to The Mother Church for 1902 (p. 6) Mrs. Eddy writes, "The curse of Love and Truth was pronounced upon a lie, upon false knowledge, the fruits of the flesh not Spirit."

The True Christmas Spirit
December 21, 1935

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