The Christian Science Nurse

A young woman who took up the profession of Christian Science nursing was once asked why she followed that line of work, and her reply was that by serving God and her fellow men in this manner she felt she was expressing at least to some extent her gratitude for what Christian Science had done for her. Unless one is really actuated by a desire to render loving and unselfish service, nursing, like other work in Christian Science, lacks spiritual inspiration. But if the attitude of loving service is maintained, the work never become a drudgery, for it is seen as a privilege and a joyous opportunity to demonstrate Christian Science. One of the requirements of a nurse is to have a demonstrable understanding of Christian Science and of its practice, as well as to be able to give proper care to those in need. (See Manual, Art. VIII, Sect. 31.)

A Christian Science nurse finds numerous ways of enlarging her sense of service, and one of the sweetest and most helpful ways is by being childlike. This includes a willingness to be teachable, humble, considerate, patient, gentle, and loving. If a nurse is not teachable she is liable to be controlled by the error of personal domination, and this points to a lack of humility, patience, and loving consideration. Domination, like all unlovely traits of mortal mind, can be overcome by persistently denying its false claim, and by reflecting Godlike qualities. The more a nurse does this the better for herself, the patient, and the world, because every good and perfect thought has a healing influence.

The Cross
October 20, 1934

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