Christian Science has changed my entire outlook on life;...

Christian Science has changed my entire outlook on life; I am happier and healthier, and faults of character are being overcome. Many times I have witnessed and experienced the healing power of Truth. One healing, which was instantaneous after a talk with a practitioner, was of kidney trouble. For weeks before and after the birth of my first child this trouble had kept me an invalid and had caused much suffering and inconvenience. When my second child was born, with the help of Christian Science, everything was very harmonious. There was no discomfort before or afterwards. I have also been healed of rheumatic fever. For several days the pain was severe and it was impossible to make the slightest movement. The practitioner came to see me, and before she left I felt free. I could sit up and move my fingers and arms and help myself, which only a few minutes before had been quite impossible. A few days late I was about my home duties. Since this healing I have not had a rheumatic pain, although previously I had been troubled with this complaint since childhood. For the privilege of spending a few day with a loving Christian Science friend I am very grateful, because it helped me to learn more of the healing power of God when understood in Christian Science.

Many discordant conditions have been overcome with my two children. One was of croup. For about four days I worked as we are taught in Christian Science, but the child grew much worse, so I telephoned to a practitioner for help. Later the child fell into a sound sleep and wakened entirely free, breathing quite naturally, and was her usual happy self. Another healing was of an abscess in the glands. Although the child seemed very ill and the abscess very evident, with the help of the same practitioner it vanished into its native nothingness.

October 20, 1934

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