Casting Our Burdens on God

Christian Science is teaching men how to avail themselves of God's help. And who among them does not find himself in need of it? Mortal existence is beset by problems which, unaided, men are often unable to solve; and then, in their extremity, they cry out to God. It is true that many exhaust what are termed material means before having recourse to God; but when these are proved inadequate, even the materialist may make approach to Him who has power beyond human ken.

How often mortals suffer from disease; and how often they fail to find healing through material remedies! How often sin tempts them; and how often they fail to resist the temptation and are victimized by it! How often sorrow, despondency, loneliness, lack, and poverty appear to present themselves, blighting joy and causing those who harbor them to bear heavy burdens! Mortals are subject to all these trials, and frequently struggle against them in vain. Many a time have the questions been asked by suffering humanity, Is there a sure way of meeting the difficulties which beset human existence? Is there a certain means whereby the burdens can be eased, or, better, lifted? Christian Science shows the way to meet these difficulties, supplies the means whereby human burdens are lifted.

Stop Thief!
October 20, 1934

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