The First Case

[Written Especially for Children]

MEMORY brings up the picture of two little girls who many years ago lived quite near to each other. One of them, whom we shall call Jenny, lay in bed unable to move because she seemed to be very ill. The other, whom we shall call Elizabeth, was well, happy, and free because she knew the truths of Christian Science. But she wanted very much to have Jenny know about God and His healing power which are made clear by Christian Science. So one morning Elizabeth asked her mother if she might go through the orchard to her friend's home and tell her about Christian Science and that it could heal her. Mother gave her consent gladly, and Elizabeth ran away as fast as ever she could. When Jenny's mother opened the door for Elizabeth, the little girl on the bed seemed to be suffering very much, and Elizabeth asked if she might go and sit beside her. She was eager to have Jenny well, and she knew that a Christian Science treatment could heal her. When Elizabeth explained this to Jenny's mother, she was allowed to go into her friend's room to talk with her.

It was the first time that Elizabeth had tried to be a Christian Science practitioner like her mother, who was busy all the time helping others, and she wanted to do the work in the right way. So she did not ask Jenny any questions about the trouble, and she did not spend any time being sorry for her, but she talked to her about God and how much God loves His children—so much, indeed, that no evil can come to them. Then the room was very still while Elizabeth remembered silently what she knew about God's tender, loving care that was there to keep her little friend safe from harm. And soon Jenny felt the peace which comes from a Christian Science treatment, and fell asleep.

September 30, 1933

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