Unfoldment, the Result of Going Forward

On page 361 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy has written, "Spiritual ideas unfold as we advance." The meaning of these words unfolded with added significance one evening as two students of Christian Science drove along a highway through the country darkness—no street lights, no human habitations, nothing but the headlights of the car, which pierced the darkness a comparatively short distance ahead. Beyond that was unknown darkness!

Yet there was no hesitation. The driver knew that even as the car advanced the way would open; knew that the very fact that the car bearing its own lights went forward meant that the unknown darkness just beyond the present range of vision would be pierced, and that any curves, hills, or obstructions in the road would be revealed in ample time to allow for proper handling of the car. So without slackening her speed she drove steadily on.

"The sustaining infinite"
September 30, 1933

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