Church Membership According to the Pattern

CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS love The Mother Church, and they never tire of expressing their deep gratitude for its beneficent activities which are bringing to the nations of the earth the true knowledge of God. They joyfully recognize that The Mother Church with its branches is founded on a spiritual basis. It is well, therefore, to consider what our Leader accomplished when she founded it.

When we study the deeds and utterances of the great spiritual seers of the Bible we find that they glimpsed somewhat of the eternal verities of being and strove to conform their lives and their deeds to this sublime ideal. Samuel, for example, from childhood grew in spiritual power and confidence in God. As the great facts of being began to dawn on patriarch and prophet they naturally and normally instructed their people, and struggled to express in their human relationships the spiritual vision which was ever their guiding light. Moses, under divine guidance, led the children of Israel out of bondage into freedom; his vision of the everpresence of God was typified by the pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night.

"The brook in the way"
September 30, 1933

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