Message and Messengers

In all ages there has been human evidence of a power for good traceable to no human source. In fact, but for this invisible, potent influence, mankind must long since have been irretrievably lost in the maze of sin and fear—materiality. When humbled and hard pressed by affliction, an individual is apt to turn yearningly to a higher power for salvation from his troubles. Job, for instance, oppressed by physical suffering and the loss of all that he had prized, when listening to Elihu must have yearned to understand the import of these words: "If there be a messenger ... an interpreter, ... to shew unto man his uprightness." Through such a messenger, interpreter of good, he could look for deliverance from the pit, for a ransom, for rejuvenation, joy, and righteousness. Through Job's sincere longing there came to him the true sense of God, and the restoration on the basis of Mind of that which he had lost sight of through faith in matter.

All the world is really yearning for the same spiritual awakening for which Job yearned, and it is at hand for all. Bewildered by its failure to eradicate fear, sin, and warfare, and discouraged by its inability to establish integrity and permanent health, humanity has grown more teachable. It is acknowledging that philanthropy, collective effort, and the exercise of intellect and human will, however well-intentioned, do not hold within themselves the means of salvation from conflicting motives and cross-purposes.

Item of Interest
Item of Interest
September 30, 1933

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