"The brook in the way"

There are experiences in men's lives analogous to nature and its operations. As the seed growing in secret is hidden for the time being for its protection and establishment, so in human experience, when the light of Truth begins to dawn in consciousness, and old habits, traditions, and modes of thinking give way, or some task lies ahead, and we turn trustingly to God, divine Love, are we kept safely beneath the shadow of His wings. There, sheltered and sustained, fed and watered, the obedient thought awaits His constant directing.

An example of this and of Love's further demands is given in I Kings when, in time of drought the word of God came to Elijah telling him to go and hide himself by the brook Cherith, where he should drink of the brook and be fed by the ravens. He went, was fed there, and drank of the brook. This was, undoubtedly, God's providence, for Elijah, on account of his prophesying, needed protection from Ahab, and also preparation for what lay before him. It was not meant, however, that he should stay there. What happened? The brook dried up! His means of sustenance apparently failed! What had been sufficient for that experience finished with the experience, and he was prepared for his later experiences. Further work under God's direction awaited him.

Unfoldment, the Result of Going Forward
September 30, 1933

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