A condition which the doctors diagnosed as tuberculosis...

A condition which the doctors diagnosed as tuberculosis of the foot suddenly appeared when I was about four years old. For many years different remedies were tried, including one major and two minor operations. After consultations with many doctors, a well-known specialist advised amputation of the foot to prevent the disease from spreading as the only way of saving my life.

I had worn an artificial foot for about three months when the same condition appeared in the spine. A return to the infirmary seemed the only way, and there I stayed eight months on a specially made frame, unable to sit up. I was sent home supposedly incurable. After I had lain helpless for two more years, with my hope, courage, and strength failing, a lady brought the message of Christian Science to me. For the patience, guidance, and love she showed to me in my hour of greatest need I shall ever be grateful. In her garden, in the sunshine, many happy hours were spent in the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and the revelation of the ever-presence of the healing power of Christ, Truth, came to my consciousness. The study of Science and Health was indeed to me "sweet as honey." The great fear that it was impossible to escape this disease was lifted, and my life began anew in the search for Truth. In a short time I was able to sit up, to be wheeled out, then to walk out, and finally to earn my own living and lead a useful, active life, free from pain. For fourteen years I have relied on the medicine of Mind (see Science and Health, p. 142).

Signs of the Times
July 29, 1933

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