Your issue of March 17 contains a synopsis of a lecture...

Fulham Chronicle

Your issue of March 17 contains a synopsis of a lecture, and if the lecturer is correctly reported it is evident that he misunderstands the teaching and practice of Christian Science. In the course of his remarks he is reported to have said, "Christian Science is a substitute for Christianity." Christian Science is the Science of Christianity. It is Christianity as taught and practiced by Christ Jesus. The healing of the sick and the reforming of the sinner were the proofs of true discipleship in the days of Christ Jesus. These signs are just as necessary today as they were two thousand years ago, and Christian Science is enabling those who study and understand it to demonstrate the truth taught by the Way-shower "with signs following."

Christian Science does not deny "the Holy Trinity," as stated by the lecturer, but it explains the trinity in such a way as to clear up the ambiguity of three persons in one person, which is a common theological belief.

When our critic says Christian Science denies that God is personal, he should state what he means by the word "personal." Christian Science certainly denies this; if he means that God is anthropomorphic, Christian Science also denies this.

November 4, 1933

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