Jesus Abolished Death

The world should rejoice that the glad message of Christ Jesus, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly," is being repeated, explained, and made practical by Christian Science. The Master knew that naught is veritable which does not express God and His goodness, divine Principle and its harmony and justice—which does not speak of Life, and its purity, providence, and perfection. This knowledge enabled Jesus to disprove the claims of sin, sickness, limitation, and death. And, what is more, he gave assurance that those who believe on him, understand the Christ, Truth, shall do the works he did. This evidences the fact that Jesus' demonstrations over death, as well as over sin and disease, were due to his understanding of and obedience to God's invariable, ever operative, ever available law of harmonious and eternal activity.

In its explication of Spirit and spiritual law Christian Science takes as its premise the fact that God, the source of all reality, is perfect Mind, infinite Truth, divine Love and Life. From this is deduced the fact that individual man, God's image or reflection, is a spiritually mental being, an individual consciousness, constituted of the immortal qualities of divine Mind, Life, and Love. Christian Science also shows the wholly mental nature of human experience; it declares that there are no material conditions, because matter is merely the objectification of material thinking. Verification of these scientific statements is found in the Scriptures, where are indicated the spiritual means and methods employed by Christ Jesus in overcoming sin, disease, and death. Furthermore, the many Christian Science healings of all manner of disease prove that the human body is in every respect the servant of thought. Should a student of Christian Science be tempted to believe that his physicality is sick, he turns his thought to God; he denies discord and disease, and clings to the truth of spiritual being. Thus fear and other disturbing thought-conditions are displaced, and the physical evidence is changed and corrected. When Christ Jesus was appealed to for help by one whose body manifested a considerable degree of inactivity called palsy, the thought of the patient, not his physicality, was considered and dealt with; and the man was healed immediately.

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October 28, 1933

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