I should like to express my gratitude for the wonderful...

I should like to express my gratitude for the wonderful help and healings experienced since Christian Science was first brought to my notice. In 1927 I was living in England with my husband and two boys. Taking the two children with me, I paid a short visit to my mother, who lived in another town. We had been away a few days when the older child became alarmingly ill. I had studied Christian Science for a little time before this, so at once put to use what I knew. The child gradually became worse and my mother, who knew nothing of Christian Science at the time, was very much agitated and insisted on sending for a doctor. The boy's father, also, was immediately sent for, and on his arrival was told by the doctor that the child was gravely ill, suffering from cerebro spinal meningitis. He gave us no hope at all. Another doctor was called in and confirmed the diagnosis. The house was turned into a small hospital. The child at this time seemed almost beyond human aid, so I asked the doctor if I might have Christian Science treatment. He told me he knew nothing about it, but that I could do anything I liked; also, that he had prayed for the child himself. I appreciated his kindness.

A telegram was immediately sent to a Christian Science practitioner living about fifteen miles away. In well under two hours she was with us, and all the facts of the case were placed before her. She sat by the bedside of the little one and we left her. From this moment harmony reigned in that home; chaos disappeared and everything was quiet and peaceful. Presently she called us into the bedroom and we were greeted by a cheery smile from the boy.

Testimony of Healing
This testimony is an expression of gratitude to God for...
October 28, 1933

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