Words are inadequate fully to express my gratitude for...

Words are inadequate fully to express my gratitude for the manifold blessings of Christian Science. When Christian Science found me I was mentally harassed by fear, worry, doubt, and discouragement; a dread of the present and the uncertainty of the future played havoc with me mentally and physically, so that discord and unhappiness prevailed. I had all the advantages of a home and religious education, but the old religious teachings held no further appeal; they appeared vague, and of no practical value in a world which seemed to be wholly occupied with the material, and so I discarded them entirely. I had been taught that although God was infinite, He was a God who loved one moment and hated the next, and I could not reconcile such an evident contradiction.

The time came when I found myself dissatisfied with life as I saw it. I felt that there must be a way out; that there must be justice somewhere. I read, and as quickly discarded, works on philosophy and psychology, and finally in desperation turned to the Bible, which had been buried in my trunk for nearly ten years. Special attention was paid to the Sermon on the Mount, which I read assiduously. I prayed, although I do not recollect just how I prayed. One thing was certain, however: I was reaching out for the truth, and it was only a matter of weeks until my prayers were answered. A friend, noticing my mental unrest, recommended that I try Christian Science. Following my friend's advice I attended a Sunday morning service. I left the church refreshed, and was so greatly impressed that the following Wednesday I attended the testimony meeting. Here I became convinced that I was in the presence of a vital truth, a practical, efficacious truth. A few days later I purchased a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and commenced reading. As I progressed through its priceless pages I gradually began to see what Mrs. Eddy was driving home, as it were—the allness of God, who is Spirit, wholly good, wholly loving; since God is not acquainted with sin, sickness, pain, sorrow, or death, these are the outcome of an erroneous concept of life, of adherence to a so-called law apart from the law of God. Here at last was a religion I could accept, a religion that appeared reasonable, sound, and logical. It was such a wonderful realization to know that we are "the sons of God" here and now, and that by divine right we are entitled to health, happiness, peace, and contentment here and now; that sin, sickness, and death, limitation, unemployment, and poverty, are no part of the divine scheme of things, and that these erroneous conditions vanish in proportion to our persistent and consistent affirmations of the allness of God and His perfect creation, and adherence to God's law.

As I continued to read Science and Health, putting its teachings to practical use, the efficacy of these teachings was soon demonstrated, for I was healed of the tobacco habit and of social drinking; and, gradually but surely, periodical ills, unhappiness, and discord were replaced by abundant health, happiness, and harmony, which I soon discovered are man's rightful heritage. In business, harmony was restored where unhappy relations had existed; and all along the road, since taking up the earnest study of this wonderful truth, I can recognize the guidance of divine Love.

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January 14, 1933

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