On Receiving

Paul said, "What hast thou that thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?" There is no room for self-glorification in the one who has set himself to glorify God. Jesus said, "Glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee." Man in God's likeness perpetually receives and expresses the outpoured inspiration of divine Love; and Jesus proved this in his earthly ministry. Then why this dearth of blessedness in human experience? Largely because of mankind's tendency to pride of accomplishment or self-depreciation, both of which are unreceptive states of mortal thought.

On page 168 of "Miscellaneous Writings" Mrs. Eddy writes, "Note this: only such as are pure in spirit, empited of vainglory and vain knowledge, receive Truth." Vainglory must be exchanged for reflected glory, and vain knowledge for the knowledge of spiritual being. The self-opinionated materialist, whether he be carrying his head high or low, cannot pass through the portals of spiritual inspiration, for he knows not the password of humility. If one has been proud of personal achievement, regarding himself as its sole author, the lesson of indebtedness to God for all intelligent faculties may seem startling and even distasteful; but it must be learned. If, on the other hand, one has hitherto seemed to fail in most of his endeavors, and approaches Christian Science clad in the drab robes of discouragement, he must be willing to lay these off for the garments of praise and true accomplishment. What does man receive from his Maker? Nothing but good, limitless good. He receives, or reflects, intelligence, wisdom, health, joy, purity, and power, which are inherent in infinite Love. In this understanding of the good bestowed by God and received by man lies the way of healing for the human race, the way of abundant supply and unsullied righteousness. The sufferer from sickness has been mistaken in his receptivity. He has drifted into the acceptance of fear, material verdicts, and has perhaps become resigned to them. But through Christian Science all this can be reversed. He can become receptive to spiritual understanding, which overturns material verdicts and replaces material resignation with spiritual dominion.

Christian Science rebukes negative or false thinking, and points out that in just the proportion that this material thinking is checked, its physical and other consequences are annulled. Through becoming receptive to positive Truth, one can overcome materiality. This entails constantly voicing the truth about God and man, holding to it, abiding in its freedom, and turning a deaf ear to all material, retrogressive arguments. In Christian Science one learns to become a true thinker at all points, a Christian and scientific positivist.

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January 14, 1933

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