In reply to the letter of a clergyman in your issue of...

Surrey Comet

In reply to the letter of a clergyman in your issue of April 9, let me point out the distinction made by Christian Science between divine Mind, God, and the so-called carnal or mortal mind. Mortal mind is carnal in its make-up, and it is, therefore, "enmity against God" (Spirit), as Paul declares. It can neither see, feel, taste, smell, nor hear Spirit. This is the condition of the human mentality before the dawn of spiritual understanding takes place in human consciousness. This carnal mind believes in the reality of sin, disease, and death, argues for their reality, and keeps mortals in bondage to the false belief that man was made from the "dust of the ground."

The divine Mind, on the other hand, is the Mind that is God, infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Spirit, the creator of the spiritual universe including spiritual man, and can be conscious only of that which is eternal, immutable, immortal, and divine. This is the Mind which was in Christ Jesus, and which Paul tells us to have. The statement, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind," must mean, Be ye spiritualized by gaining the true consciousness, which reflects divine Mind, and giving up the carnal mind.

January 14, 1933

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