The Arms of Omnipotence

The presence of protecting Love, the strength of it, are always where man is, and are sufficient for every human need. Do we not remember in our early years fleeing to the refuge of the loving mother-arms when things went wrong, and of being held there, our tears dried, the trouble smoothed away? In the security of that enfolding comfort no evil seemed real or lasting. When we left the parent ties, our human sense of mother-love, and father-love also, had to be uplifted to the realization that the love of the human parent is but a hint of the great love of God, the heavenly Father-Mother, for all His children.

While thinking on this one evening, a Christian Scientist saw a neighbor's baby fall from the second-story window opposite. Instantly there came the thought, "Underneath are the everlasting arms." The little one escaped a sharp projection, but landed on the cement walk beneath. In the garden below the mother cried out in great alarm. But the Scientist, conscious of the presence of divine Love, called to her gently, "Pick up your baby, and thank God she is safe!" Upon careful examination by a physician, called by the mother, no bad effects were found; and at no time afterward were there any evidences of the experience. The understanding of the arms of omnipotence had protected the child from harm.

Overcoming Hurry
August 20, 1932

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