"The deaf shall hear"

Truth is continuously speaking to us. Among the definitions of "speak" is the following: "To convey ideas." As the ticking of a clock is regular, continuous, unobstructed, always expressive of restful action, so is Mind's conveying of right ideas to us regular, continuous, perfect; and this imparting contains no element of obstruction or stoppage. Are we always hearing and accepting these truths?

The function of Mind is to know, and this knowing is imparted to or reflected by the real man. God, good, is all that knows, and good is all there is to be known. How, then, can this possibly be reversed into not knowing, or being ignorant of the truth? Mind never ceases to convey ideas, but only by listening can we hear them. Right listening involves and includes right hearing; and right hearing involves and includes right listening. Let us ask ourselves, To what are we listening: to Truth or to error; to spiritual sense or material sense; to the divine Mind or mortal mind; to perfection or imperfection? And how are we listening? Continuously, or once or twice a day? Are we listening now to God's love to man; to the truth of being; to the good and perfect ideas ever coming from the Father; to the joy, peace, and loveliness of Truth; to happifying, harmonizing Love; or do we frequently listen to the arguments and suggestions of mortal, material, personal sense?

Ruth, the Gleaner
July 16, 1932

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