Opportunity, Ability, Fruition

EVERY alert individual desires to express activity. With many, activity is expressed in the work incident to the necessity of earning a living; with others, it is a matter of "self-expression." But self-expression, when it means the expression of the so-called human selfhood, does not bring lasting peace and satisfaction. For the moment it may seem to give a sense of success; but looking deeper, and through human experience, one sees that it is a bubble which bursts at the touch of spiritual reality. How, then, can one attain to truly successful activity?

Three factors—opportunity, ability, fruition—may be said to have an important part in right activity. And first, in the design or purpose of good, of God, is where one needs to be placed. We may ask in our anxiety, But how am I to find this place? This question is disposed of by the reassuring words of Christ Jesus, "I go to prepare a place for you." Could we want more than to know that the Christ prepares a place for us?

April 30, 1932

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