It is fourteen years since I began to study Christian Science

It is fourteen years since I began to study Christian Science. When it was first mentioned to me, I knew I had found the truth. It has been my only physician during this time and I have often proved its quick, effective healing power. At the beginning I was completely healed of defective eyesight, for which I wore glasses. Three opticians told me I should have to wear glasses all my life; they said I was suffering from hypermetropia, complicated with astigmatism, and that one eye was only half as strong as the other.

Some months later my health broke down through valvular heart trouble. I knew that humanly I had gone too far to recover, but I had Christian Science. I think only those who have been placed in a similar position know what it means to be able to say, "I have Christian Science." I had treatment, and quickly recovered health, strength, and weight. I learned many lessons as I went along. One weekend I was not at all well, and it seemed impossible that I could return to my post on Monday. I told the Scientist who was helping me that I thought I ought to arrange for someone to take my place. She said nothing to this. Feeling that there was something wrong, I picked up a Christian Science Sentinel and read, "Abraham went out, not knowing whither he went." After thinking about this, I said, "I will make no arrangements; I will trust God;" and I was instantly healed.

Another time I was bitten by a fighting dog, and as a result could walk only by dragging one foot. Six days later I saw that my real self, which was spiritual and perfect, had never been touched. That same day I walked almost perfectly, and three days later I was healed and walked quite naturally.

October 29, 1932

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