A correspondent, in his second letter, which appeared in...

Newcastle Journal

A correspondent, in his second letter, which appeared in the Newcastle Journal of December 15, says that "this denial of the existence of evil seems to be based on some rank bad reasoning on the part of Mrs. Eddy," who is, of course, our great authority; but our critic does not point out the flaw in Mrs. Eddy's reasoning as set out in my reply to his first letter. He cannot point to a flaw in the Christian Science teaching that evil was not created by God, nor in the teaching that perfect God cannot be expressed by anything imperfect, nor yet in the teaching that God cannot be dependent upon evil for the attainment of ultimate good.

The "illogical negation" to which your correspondent refers was created by himself through failing to notice the capitalization in his quotation from the Christian Science textbook, thus confusing the divine Mind, God, with mortal mind.

October 29, 1932

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