In 1907 I was healed by Christian Science, after many...

In 1907 I was healed by Christian Science, after many physicians had done all they could for me. I had also been twice to sanatoriums, drinking their medicinal waters without any beneficial results. The last physician, a family friend, urged me to undergo an operation; but I refused. He finally said: "Well, I can do no more for you. You may get well, and you might as well be at home as in a hospital." When lifting a heavy weight I had felt a tear inside, and had suffered from that and from nervous prostration. For thirteen years I could neither eat nor sleep normally, and had no natural action of the bowels. I was constantly growing worse.

Realizing that material aids could do no more for me I commenced praying, feeling that God alone could and would heal me. I prayed that I might but touch the hem of the garment of the Christ and I should be whole. I went to the Bible to find the proof of my faith. I also sent my little boy to a neighbor who was a Christian Scientist and asked if I might see the book Scientists used. She kindly sent me the book. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and the name of a practitioner.

That was Saturday night. I read a little, putting the book under my pillow so the family would not see it. Sunday, when the family were all gone, I read for some time and was interested. Monday, when I was again alone, I read and read, being entirely lost in thought when I heard my voice say, "I believe I am healed!" I wanted to get up, but the doctor had said I must be quiet, so I thought I would read longer. I soon felt I just must get up. Such a transforming took place that I knew I was healed. I went into the dining room and ate some fruit. A daughter arrived from the train, and when I met her at the door, she said, "Why, they said you were worse." I replied, "I am not sick any more and never will be." I felt so happy, and all was joy. In three months I had gained thirty-five pounds and was enjoying health and happiness. For twenty-four years I never resorted to material remedies of any kind, but have known that God, who forgives our iniquities and heals our diseases, will meet my every need. I pray that I may live the Christ-spirit and prove that I am born of God.—(Mrs.) Margaretta Button, Madison, South Dakota.

Testimony of Healing
The day Christian Science came into my life, more than...
October 29, 1932

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