Redemptive Judgment

It is supremely important that one should understand the nature of true judgment and use it redemptively. Christian Science enables one to do this from the standpoint of divine Principle which beholds and upholds life and harmony for all, everlastingly. True judgment blots out the human beliefs of sin, disease, and death. This judgment can be rendered only from the standpoint of Truth, which is its basis; from the standpoint of Spirit, which annuls every plea of matter and mortal mind; from the standpoint of infinite, divine Love, which leaves no room for the slightest enmity or estrangement between the ideas of the one Mind. The judgment of Truth is wholly spiritual, unbiased by material evidence, and therefore liberating. It is consistent, undeviating, and amply capable of solving the riddle of materiality.

In rightly gauging a situation, Christian Science bids one turn away from sense-evidence and start with that which is, namely, with God and His unalterably perfect creation. All that constitutes the Godhead, including activity, health, joy, also constitutes true manhood. There has been no addition to God's creation, nor subtraction from it. God is intact. Man is intact. This is the basis of true judgment.

The Grace of Gratitude
October 1, 1932

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