Before coming into a practical understanding of Christian Science...

Before coming into a practical understanding of Christian Science I seemed to be looking in vain for happiness, which I believed was entirely dependent upon persons, circumstances, and conditions over which I had no control. I have had to change this erroneous concept, and have discovered that the thing which most needs control and correcting is my own thinking; and instead of being a victim of circumstances, I have found that I may be a victor, in spite of circumstances, to the extent that I apply this truth honestly and correctly to every problem.

Christian Science is helping me to overcome many undesirable traits of character, such as resentment, criticism, selfishness, self-condemnation, impatience, and ingratitude, and to replace them with loving and tolerant thoughts of unselfishness and gratitude. The physical ailments healed include heart trouble, nervousness, catarrh, goiter, hemorrhoids, colds, and I have had the experience of painless childbirth. The heart trouble disappeared without any specific treatment shortly after I began the study of Christian Science, although several years previous to my taking up this Science I had been examined by a friend of the family, an expert heart specialist, who pronounced the condition incurable. During the ensuing years I have had to undergo physical examinations for life insurance, and each time have passed the examination perfectly.

Testimony of Healing
When I was a young girl some friends came to visit in...
October 1, 1932

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