[Written Especially for Young People]

"Behold, he keepeth the sheep"

To the young person who is choosing his life's vocation, or who has just received his "sheepskin" at the close of a college course, the responsibility of finding his right place in the world's work may appear something of a problem. On one hand, he may see persons well trained and conscientious who seem failures because they have not found the right places; on the other hand, the apparent success of some through human personality, will-power, or sheer circumstances may seem alluring. He desires a sure guide to future progress and success.

In I Samuel it is recorded that when the Lord sent Samuel to find a successor to Saul, he sent him to Jesse the Beth-lehemite, saying, "For I have provided me a king among his sons." Now, even Samuel, dedicated to holy service before his birth and serving in holy office since childhood, felt the same human hesitation as do present-day persons. It required special assurance to enable him to take the first step and listen confidently for divine direction. In his daily study and application of this truth, the student of Christian Science is finding the humility, confidence, and poise which enable him, also, to listen for God's direction in all his affairs and to follow confidently all the way.

Ripened Years
October 1, 1932

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