I have received so much help from the testimonies in the...

I have received so much help from the testimonies in the Journal and Sentinel that I should like to add mine to the great chorus that is singing, "The Lord God omnipotent reigneth." A few years ago I was crossing a busy intersection in the city, and as I was behind a parked car, just before I reached the sidewalk, a driver became confused, stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake, and I was crushed between the parked and the oncoming car. I did not lose consciousness, although I could not move. I asked to be taken home, and another driver took me in his car. As soon as I had been carried into the house, a dear Christian Science practitioner took up the work for me, and remained with me all night, working faithfully. As I did not improve as I should after two days, it was thought best to call a doctor to find the extent of the injury. The doctor whom we called was interested in Christian Science, and I have always been so thankful that he did not express the least fear to me. The X-ray photograph showed a fractured back, a bone bruise on one hip, and the other one sprained. When the doctor left he said: "This would usually mean from two to three months, but it will not take you that long. I am leaving you in good hands." Error tried in many ways to keep me down, but in sixteen days I was up for a few minutes. After that, progress was rapid, and in five weeks I was back at work.

About a year later the nurse who had been called to care for me met the doctor and he asked her if I were walking. "You would think so if you could see the work she does," the nurse replied. He then said, "Well, you know, according to medical science she never would have walked again."

Testimony of Healing
I am deeply grateful for what Christian Science has done...
March 7, 1931

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