[Written Especially for Young People]

Taking a Position

Sooner or later practically every boy and girl begins to look out for a position. As a matter of fact, each one of us takes a place at a very early date in our homes. Then, after a time in school, and later on in the world, we can begin to claim a good position; for it is what we understand and express of spiritual ideas or qualities—kindness, intelligence, joy, honesty, and so on—which gives us our position every day. We all know what a happy position the boy or girl has who is loving and useful in the home; and the one who is striving to understand and reflect intelligence and receptivity easily takes his place in school. Again, the one who wants to know more about God—and we know that children naturally do want to know about God—will make a great effort to be in his Sunday school class on Sunday morning. Those who can no longer go to Sunday school have a place already prepared for them in the congregation at the beautiful church services, where they too can learn more about God; so that all have a place provided for them on Sunday morning.

It is interesting to think of the positions we are filling, and to watch very carefully how we are filling them; for as a matter of fact most children, as well as grown-up people, occupy a good many more positions than they have any thought of.

"Complete in him"
March 7, 1931

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