True Investment

When Jesus fed the multitudes, on one of those two occasions recorded in the Bible he gave careful instructions to his followers to gather up the fragments which remained. On the other occasion we are told that they also gathered up the fragments. In both cases the amount so gleaned was sufficient to fill a good many baskets with the bread and fish which had not been eaten. In these instances Jesus not only justified a surplus, but showed how carefully this surplus must be garnered for useful purposes. So it is that the investment of surplus funds has its legitimate place as a subject of discussion in Christian Science. It is a subject which requires much consideration; for true investment is not merely the placing of surplus funds in stocks, bonds, or real estate, but is the utilization of spiritual understanding in ways which make for the betterment of the conditions of mankind.

A young bond salesman offering an issue of public utility securities to bankers was greatly discouraged by his failure to consummate a single sale, owing to objections raised on purely economic grounds. The issue was to provide electric current for an extensive mining district which had never known this convenience of modern life. Then it was pointed out to him that he must lift thought above the merely financial view of the investment to something more substantial spiritually. On his next trip he proceeded to offer these same bankers a bond of loving coöperation and interest in the lives of the sequestered but worthy people of the district. The former objections vanished, and his trip was the most successful of his career.

Learning to Give
December 19, 1931

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