[Written Especially for Young People]


Christian Science is the greatest help to anyone who is just starting in the world. With the understanding of the facts of being gained through the study of the Bible and of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, his ability to do and perform is enlarged, and he can realize that the law of God gives him unlimited opportunity and sets no limit to his capability in any legitimate endeavor. If he has come through a Christian Science Sunday School, he will realize the necessity of keeping the Ten Commandments, and will have learned how to apply these laws and the Sermon on the Mount in his daily living. To-day, with almost the whole human race believing in trade depression and difficulty in obtaining employment, he will need to keep awake and not allow himself to be mesmerized into accepting these beliefs. The mental poise he gains will guard him against the contagion of gloomy prophecy and prediction which he will probably meet with on all sides.

One young student was suddenly faced with unemployment. After going through the necessary human footsteps, she held to the fact that every idea has its right activity in Mind and that not one idea is superfluous. Declaring the boundless opportunities and unlimited capabilities of God's child, she held to the truth for several weeks, refusing to entertain discouragement. Then a post was offered her which required work of a character different from that which she had previously been doing, and for which she seemed quite unsuited; but, as the opportunity seemed to have unfolded as the result of work done in Christian Science, she accepted it, and found it more congenial than any post she had hitherto held. If the student turns unreservedly to Truth, work often comes in quite unexpected forms and through unthought-of channels.

Christian Healing
December 19, 1931

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