Spiritual Reflection is Substance

On page 57 of "Retrospection and Introspection" Mrs. Eddy writes: "Man shines by borrowed light. He reflects God as his Mind, and this reflection is substance,—the substance of good." Since God, Spirit, is infinite, His substance or reflection is likewise infinite; and this scientific fact of omnipresence leaves no room for false belief or its supposed objectification. Evil has no substance, and cannot touch man any more than it can touch God.

Does this exposure of the non-presence of matter suggest a vacuum? No, it reveals the infinitude of the substance of Spirit and clears the way for the vision of infinite Mind, and the universe of ideas, wherein is no friction or distress, no time or decay, no enmity and no fear. Between Mind and all its ideas there is unity, cohesion, and cooperation.

Meeting Our Obligations
January 10, 1931

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