True Expression

How often do men feel that they would be much happier, much more contented, were they able to bring out harmony in their lives and thereby have the satisfaction of feeling that they were really of some practical use in making this world a better place to dwell in! These sentiments are an encouraging sign, even though the individual giving utterance to such statements may feel a sense of discouragement because of the lack of understanding which, he believes, makes it difficult for him to take a constructive part in world affairs. When, however, a person grasps the basic fact that he can express some right idea, that moment he has taken one step along the road of progress; he has entered upon the way which leads to liberty, dominion, and happiness in their full spiritual import.

Truth reveals itself in various ways, and the human thought which has been able to see and acknowledge its need of something higher, something more substantial than man-made doctrines, is surely being prepared for deliverance from the self-imposed material beliefs which have hitherto held humanity in bondage. It is this attitude of thought which is receptive to the wonderful teachings of Christian Science.

Disrobing Errors of Belief
January 10, 1931

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