After years of suffering caused by poisoning at childbirth,...

After years of suffering caused by poisoning at childbirth, and after several operations which did not help my condition but rather left me worse each time, three wellknown physicians, who had been faithful in doing all they could, gave me up. The last one said, "Opiates to quiet the pain for a time is all the hope I find for you, and I do not want that practice on my conscience." Dropsy had developed; the lower limbs had swelled and were so painful that I could not walk or touch them, and even the bed clothes were unbearable. For eleven days I did not sleep except from exhaustion from the pain. I had heard of Christian Science, both in a favorable and in an unfavorable way, and I am sorry to say I believed the latter for some time and would not listen when others would have told of its blessings. I had cause to regret that attitude in a short time. I called a Christian Science practitioner on the telephone one day about noon and asked her to come to me as I wanted to ask some questions. She lovingly replied, "I will be down at three o'clock, and if I cannot answer your questions I shall send someone who can." She came and answered every question, so that I knew Christian Science was the truth I had been seeking for years. I asked her for treatment and she gave me one that afternoon. I was healed in that first treatment, and could stand and walk. I had not been out of my home for several weeks, but the next day I went alone to her house, using street cars and also walking two blocks.

My gratitude cannot be expressed in words. In place of ill feeling towards our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, of whom I knew nothing, I felt only love and gratitude; and my prayer was that I might show it in my living. The wound left from the last operation did not heal until I had Christian Science treatment, and there has been no return of the condition. I have not been ill, with the exception of two days, for fifteen years. This illness was due to poison, and it was very quickly overcome.

Launch Out!
May 17, 1930

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