Lessons from a Parable

Christ Jesus assured humanity that the natural result of desiring and attaining spirituality, thereby making it of prime importance, is an abundance of supply and of protection. He illustrated this fact by calling attention to God's tender guardianship of the ravens and of the lilies. The general familiarity with this Scriptural passage, to be found in the twelfth chapter of Luke's Gospel, and the frequent reference to it in poetry and in song indicate that it has struck a very responsive chord in the human heart. While a superficial consideration of the passage might leave one with the thought that little effort is required of the individual, the light which the teaching of Christian Science has thrown upon it brings out many practical examples of activity, while none of its simple beauty is lost; and again our gratitude goes out to Mrs. Eddy for the spiritual illumination her teaching has shed upon the Scriptures.

The Master's great love for God and his true estimate of creation are expressed, not only in his love for humanity, but also in his love for the birds, the flowers, and the animals. Can we not easily picture Jesus walking by the wayside, through the green fields, and over the hilly slopes, often turning his thought in gratitude and love to God for the beauty and fragrance of the flowers, the softness of the grass beneath his feet, and the shade of the trees? Surely, one who recognized God as the source of all good to the extent that he did, must have done so! And is it not logical to assume that, since he was constantly communing with the one infinite intelligence and reasoning therefrom, he should draw invaluable lessons for his followers from these simple things? Then we too may well pause in a busy world and learn spiritual truths from nature and lessons from the commonplace things of daily life.

November 9, 1929

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