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The Christian's Armor

If we will pause to examine ourselves and very humbly look back over the way we have come, we shall see that when we have experienced failure instead of winning the expected victory, it has oftentimes been because we have had too much confidence in ourselves and have failed to obey the divine commandments.

Frequently, the young student of Christian Science allows himself to become mesmerized by the thought of the power one should possess as a Christian Scientist. It is clear that the real man has received from God dominion over all things, and that to each one it is a privilege and duty to utilize this power; but one has to learn that this can be done only by first understanding that God alone has power, and that one can succeed only by entirely abandoning the false so-called human will for the divine will, and by knowing that one can of himself do nothing.

True Gratitude
October 27, 1928

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