God Guides

A party of Christian Scientists, motoring several hundred miles to Boston on a visit to The Mother Church, were continuously grateful for the well-marked route, posted at frequent intervals with signs containing specific information, which when followed led inevitably to the ultimate destination. So confident were all in these intelligent, truthful sentinels that there was scarcely a pause in the progress, and the machine sped rapidly on as complete obedience was rendered to each guidepost, which resulted in the satisfactory unfoldment of the whole journey.

As one after another of these guides along the way was accepted without doubt, without "buts" or "ifs," the thought came vividly to the driver: Would not our journey Spiritward be a joyous and speedy unfoldment if the spiritual guideposts revealed to us through the Bible, our Leader's writings, and God's angel thoughts—all accepted as the "still small voice"—were relied upon with complete confidence, and followed unswervingly? What if the roadway indicated by the signpost was not as smooth as we would like it to be, or if a by-road seemed to promise more beautiful scenery or a short cut to the destination! These did not weigh for one instant with the finger which pointed unerringly forward. How many times it has indeed been proved to us that the spiritual finger post, a divine idea, when accepted as sufficient guidance for the step just before one in some seeming problem, whether of church, home, or business, has led onward to another reliable sentinel; and so, with ever brightening view, each part of the way has unfolded to the journey's destination, or the complete demonstration of Truth and Love.

"Alertness to Duty"
August 20, 1927

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