"Signs of the Times"

THERE is no department in the Christian Science organization that is not functioning effectively in uplifting and spiritualizing human thought. The more diligently one applies one's self to the study and practice of Christian Science, the more clearly the truth of this statement is realized. In the Christian Science Sentinel there appears every week a department captioned, "Signs of the Times." In this section are reprinted short articles or excerpts of articles from newspapers and magazines from all over the world. The compilation of these in each issue of the Sentinel usually supports some special theme that is constructive and elevating. These articles, in most cases not written by Christian Scientists, have a leavening effect on the thought of the world which is at once purifying and healing. They also indicate to the Christian Scientist, who gratefully acknowledges the signs, that the times are improving; that mankind is awakening to the omnipresence and omnipotence of God, good, and consequently is being gradually freed from the claims of evil.

Christian Science is giving a truly wonderful impetus to right thinking all over the world, silently but effectively promoting peace on earth and good will to men. One cannot love God supremely and not love his neighbor, whether that neighbor be near or in a remote corner of the earth. Love of God and man causes an individual to radiate courage, strength, health, happiness, and goodness. Since a fundamental teaching of Christian Science is love for God and man, the cumulative effect of Christian Science study and practice is the permeation of world thought by a drawing or impelling impetus that enriches the affections of men. Is not this in answer to the "Daily Prayer" of Christian Scientists, which concludes by asking that the Word of God "enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them" (Church Manual, p. 41)? Some evidence of the enrichment of the thoughts and affections of mankind appears each week in "Signs of the Times" in the Sentinel.

Universality of Christian Science
June 4, 1927

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