Spiritual Sense

Mortals generally believe that the so-called physical senses furnish the avenues through which knowledge of the material world is gained; and this seeming world of matter is called the sensuous world, because its only claim to reality is presented through the senses. To the materially-minded, this is the world of reality, substantial, constituting the universe; and since many so minded hold that there is no universe apart from the material world, these senses they believe are their only means of gaining knowledge of reality. Much of the education of mortals pertains to the development of the physical senses, and to the phenomena which they assume to interpret. Christian Science reverses and denies all this. Sense-testimony is found to be wholly erroneous, wholly devoid of reliability; and our necessity is so completely to correct the testimony of these false senses that the facts of being—reality—may appear.

Mrs. Eddy makes clear the utter unreliability of material sense testimony. She shows how to supplant it with spiritual truth, divine ideas, gained not through the physical senses but through spiritual sense. In the quest for Truth the physical senses offer no aid; in fact, their slightest proffer of testimony is false and misleading.

Yea and Nay
May 28, 1927

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