Being too far from a Christian Science organization to...

Being too far from a Christian Science organization to attend a Wednesday evening testimony meeting, I wish to express through the Sentinel my gratitude for some recent proofs of God's ever-presence and omnipotence.

We are operating a large flock of livestock, and it is the supposed law of the carnal mind that coyotes are very destructive to these animals. It was our joy and privilege to prove the falsity of this. While ranging in a very wild and remote region, we seemed to be besieged on all sides by coyotes. We did our mental work as we are taught in Christian Science whenever there was any manifestation of their presence, but they seemed to approach ever nearer and in increasing numbers. One morning a coyote pushed the flock off their bed-ground within sight of camp. As we stood watching him my husband said: "I am not going to shoot. We must love." At that the coyote turned and disappeared in the opposite direction from that in which the flock was moving. For several days after that we experienced freedom. Then they returned with more boldness than ever, and we were forced to spend an entire night in a prayerful endeavor to realize the presence of divine Love. We tried to establish in our consciousness the truth that since all God's creatures reflect Him, therefore they can express nothing but love and right activity. In Love there can be no predatory thought, no destructive activity; and all God's ideas, governed by Principle, must move in their right courses; therefore there can be no conflict. The work done that night cleared our thoughts to the extent that there was no further loss or annoyance. During this entire experience, covering a period of about two weeks, our seeming losses amounted to but four head; and five animals that were attacked and injured were healed through the application of the law of divine Principle. Other stockmen in the vicinity, who were relying on guns and night fires for protection, were losing heavily during this time.

Testimony of Healing
I send this testimony in gratitude for the saving power of...
May 28, 1927

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