Communing with God

Previous to having any knowledge of Christian Science we may have made a practice of turning to God for help only in case of discord or emergency, as little children come to mother with their trials. God is indeed a help in time of trouble, as the Bible assures us; but as the light of Truth enters consciousness, we are prompted to turn often to our Father-Mother in gratitude and rejoicing. As we learn to commune with God in the way Christian Science teaches, complaining and rebellion begin to disappear.

The fullest mutual understanding does not, however, come by communicating only in monologue. Of greater importance than our supplications is the listening for the "still small voice" of Truth, that we may be quick to catch the priceless messages that Love is sending for our guidance along the straight and narrow way. Obedience to these messages is imperative. Any resistance on our part to the heeding of them in no way excuses us from obedience, but necessarily brings a more compelling command, until we humbly yield self in willing service to good, gladly acknowledging the authority of the one Mind. As we persevere in watchfulness, we become more alert to recognize the gentle command, and more ready to obey without the severer lesson.

"Every man that hath this hope in him"
May 28, 1927

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