On Trusting God, Good

Men often believe strongly—often very strongly—in the power of evil, and only the spiritually enlightened among them are capable of thwarting evil's claim to power through the understanding and practice of good. Throughout human history men have believed in the reality of good and evil; and believing in them both as real, they have looked upon human existence largely as a battle ground on which the forces of good were engaged in incessant combat with the forces of evil, sometimes the one and sometimes the other being in the ascendant. To many it has seemed a hopeless battle; for has not evil often appeared to have been the victor?

Evil was as rampant, in belief, in Christ Jesus' day as in these our own days; and the Master had to face its claims just as we of to-day have to do. The record of his three years' ministry is one of continual warfare with the powers of darkness, the evil beliefs which held mankind in bondage and which resulted in all manner of suffering. But Jesus was equipped to handle evil as no one had ever been before him, equipped to destroy it by the knowledge he possessed of God, the Father, and of God's son, the real or spiritual man. His thought was not in the least divided between good and evil: his whole weight was constantly on the side of good. The result was a series of victories over evil such as never had been witnessed before, victories made manifest in the healing of disease and the destruction of sin.

Cloth and Pocket Concordances
May 28, 1927

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