In 1912 my sister came from Germany to visit me, and...

In 1912 my sister came from Germany to visit me, and told me that she could stay with me only six weeks; that she wanted to go to Chicago to study the English language, and from there to Boston to go through a class in Christian Science. I scoffed at her and Christian Science, and called her light-headed. She asked me if I knew anything about Christian Science and its teachings. I had to admit that I knew nothing of it. She advised me to look into it and make myself acquainted with its teachings before judging it. This I did, and found that it made every saying of the Bible practical; that human opinions had no place in Christian Science; that Christian Scientists attached importance only to that which is real and proceeds from God. Its logic was such as I had found in no other religion, and it appealed to me at once. I not only thought it was the truth—I knew it. From that time on I could understand the different Bible sayings that had been dark to me before.

When seven years old I had measles, which left me with weak eyes. From time to time they grew worse. I carried spectacles for nearsightedness always in my pocket, and slipped them on when necessary; but I had to wear them permanently after I got to be twenty-three years old. I was fifty years old when I had the talk with my sister. A year after my sister had gone back to Germany I talked to a practitioner about my eyes, and she told me that seeing is a spiritual faculty and does not depend on the material eye. I saw that she was right, as I had been reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy and had by this time a little understanding. I took my glasses off and have never had any need of them since. The prison doors had been opened to me, and I was free—no more spectacles. People who have gone through similar experiences with defective eyesight can appreciate my joy, and deep down in my heart I know that nothing but God's love and power did the healing.

Testimony of Healing
Eight years ago last Christmas I turned to Christian Science...
May 28, 1927

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