"Fear no evil"

As one proceeds along his daily walk of life, whatever his vocation, on almost every side he meets with expressions of fear from his fellows. And these expressions cover many angles of human experience—fear of the weather, that it may be too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, or too calm; fear of unhappy business conditions; fear of improper conduct of the government of the city, state, or nation; fear of lack of supply, of health, of happiness; and so on through an almost unending list, to fear of death. Why are mortals so loaded down with fear? Is it not because they do not realize God's ever-presence, all-power, perfect love, protecting care, and infinite supply of good which He has already bestowed upon His children?

"I will fear no evil; for thou art with me," wrote the Psalmist in the twenty-third psalm, dearly loved by all Christendom, and especially by Christian Scientists. To one suffering from some discordant belief,—it may be a so-called incurable disease, or lack, financial or otherwise,—and filled with fear for the present and the future, these words of the Psalmist may seem too good to be true. But is anything too good to be true? Christian Science is bringing to the world the glad message that only the good is real; and from this it follows that only the good is true. Then the conclusion must inevitably be that there can be nothing too good to be true. The Psalmist did not idly make the statement, "I will fear no evil": he specifically stated his reason for his freedom from fear of evil in the words, "for thou art with me." We too should express this security!

May 7, 1927

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