In your recent issue a correspondent explains his understanding...


In your recent issue a correspondent explains his understanding of mental healing. Since he has referred to Christian Science in a manner which may be confusing to some, the following comment is offered: Christian Science Mind healing is not mental suggestion and is not accomplished by the so-called human mind or will. Mental suggestion, or will power, is but the supposed action of the so-called human mind for an evil or good purpose, and its effects are always hurtful to those who practice it or yield to it. Christ Jesus was accused of healing by influence other than the power of God; but the Master pointed to the spiritually good character of his works, as proof that they were of God. Christian Science Mind-healing is the manifestation of the power of God, divine intelligence, over the fear, ignorance, and sin of the human mind; and this power can be exercised only for good. Christian Science has proved beyond doubt that the discords from which mortals suffer are but the visible effects of fear, ignorance, and sin; and that when fear, ignorance, and sin are cast out of consciousness by a correct understanding of God and His universe, the discords disappear. The good which Christian Science proves to be real is that spiritual good which Christ Jesus loved and lived.

Christian Science healing is not that which is commonly mentioned as faith cure. Blind belief may appear to bring relief; but this relief if not permanent. The faith which Christian Science establishes is based on a correct understanding of God as infinite Life, Truth, and Love, and is truly that of which the author of the book of Hebrews said, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." There is much difference between the faith which is spiritual substance and the faith which is but blind belief in an unknown God. In the consideration of divine metaphysics, one is on solid ground only as he looks to the works of Christ Jesus as the most scientific demonstration of health and holiness ever known. Through the divine revelation which came to Mary Baker Eddy, the simplicity and availability of Jesus' method are made plain. No abstruse and visionary analysis is required to understand and demonstrate the simple truths made known by the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings; and a morally conscientious effort to learn of God, and to prove the truth of Christian Science Mind—healing, is rewarded with proofs which the recipient knows are not of this world.

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