About a year ago, while at my work, a soft spot in the...

About a year ago, while at my work, a soft spot in the emery wheel with which I was working flew off so quickly and unexpectedly that a great deal of the emery went into my eye, making it impossible for me to see. From a material standpoint the pain was almost unbearable. Those around me insisted that I go to a doctor at once; and I did so, in the meantime declaring the truth about God and man as best I knew how. Instead of my getting any relief from the doctor. he made the condition worse; so I at once telegraphed to a Christian Science practitioner for help. I was able to sleep all night, and on awakening found that a considerable amount of the emery had come out while I had been asleep. To say that I was grateful is to put it very mildly. There was one piece of emery which had been driven into the pupil of the eye, so that I had difficulty in seeing. But after a week of Christian Science help and while walking along a street in Boston, I suddenly felt something fall out of my eye; and from that day on I have been able to see as well as ever.

I could tell of many beautiful demonstrations I have had since I found this great truth, ten or twelve years ago. I feel very grateful to God and Mrs. Eddy, and also to the dear practitioner who has so lovingly helped me. I do not know what I should do without this wonderful truth that meets our every need. It is my desire to reflect more and more of the love our Father has bestowed upon us.

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