"How to gather"

While giving earnest study to the first stanza of Mrs. Eddy's poem, "Feed My Sheep" (Poems, p. 14), the writer was impressed with the vital importance of the words "how to gather," and their bearing on "how to sow" and "how to feed Thy sheep."

Mary Baker Eddy, our revered Leader, knew that we all need earnestly to pray to be shown "how to gather"—to gather into our mental storehouses only what is true and good, only what is based on the eternal fact of perfect God and His reflection, perfect man, if we are to sow and feed properly and adequately. Surely our gathering must be of the highest; and we cannot afford to gather up anything unworthy if we would truly sow and truly feed the hungry and the weary ones of this world, who are turning to Christian Science for an answer to the pressing problems of daily living. It is very clear that only as one's gathering is right can one know how to give properly. And who that has been healed through a knowledge of Christian Science has not longed to bring this healing truth to others?

"Grand pursuits"
April 17, 1926

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