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During the grippe epidemic in 1918 my husband, at...

During the grippe epidemic in 1918 my husband, at that time my fiance, was taken ill. His temperature rose rapidly until it was over 104 degrees. My dear mother called my attention to Christian Science, and we immediately asked a practitioner for help. As my fiance was obliged to have a doctor's certificate to show the reason for his absence from work, we called a physician in the morning. After the examination the physician called me out of the room and spoke to me as follows: "You must be prepared for the worst. His temperature is too high; and besides this he may develop double pneumonia, from which he will hardly recover." As fear tried to overwhelm me, my mother said I should telephone this report to the practitioner. She told me with great love and peace to hold fast to Truth. Newly strengthened, I returned to the sick room. My father reproached me severely for leaving my fiance in such a dangerous condition without applying material remedies. I could reply with perfect composure that God alone is our remedy, and that I would take all the responsibility upon myself. When the crisis came, things seemed to be very bad; all the more so, because the patient began to be delirious and to lose consciousness. Joyously I faced the error, for I felt God's presence. Soon afterwards he fell into a quiet sleep and the following morning said he felt very well. When the physician arrived, he was very much surprised and said, "It is just as if everything had been blown away; your fiancé is saved."

I am very grateful to God, to Mrs. Eddy, and to the dear practitioner for this wonderful healing.

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March 6, 1926

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